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POS Software

Our feature-rich retail software helps you manage your outlet all thru.

+ User-friendly Quick Ordering POS
+ Interactive Menu
+ Post Pay Bill
+ Inventory Management
+ Sales Report & Analysis
+ Dedicated Owner App

Product Features

Our comprehensive software for restaurant offers everything that you
need for a smooth shift.

Billing Software

The customers are provided with an option to merge or regenerate the bill and settle the same using any of the modes like cash, cheque, and debit/credit cards.

Inventory Management

The restaurant staff has the provision to track and manage the stock/inventory of ingredients in real-time, automatically and manually both ways.

Menu Manager

The feedback management module lets you take improved decisions based on the feedback given by customers for your restaurant’s food and services.

Customer Manager

Restaurant managers can enhance the user experience by customizing the menu of the restaurant including adding a description, images, ingredients.

Cloud Support

The module allows customers to book the banquet hall ahead of the event, select food & decoration package, and make advance payment.

Owner App

The guard or the manager can take the orders of the customers beforehand and assign them exact waiting time to avoid any inconvenience.

Explore 50+ features. Get the complete list.

Compatible Products

Penguin’s cloud management system provides ultimate convenience and
comfort in data management.


Cloud in Action

Quick Service

Provides real-time storage and access to your restaurant’s data, anytime and anywhere.

Data Security

Penguin cloud is built around standard security protocols providing efficient data security.

Up to date

All the upcoming features, updates, and versions would be shared as soon as they hit the market.


A chance to leverage the best restaurant POS software to manage your restaurant effortlessly.

Customer Privileges

Ensure smooth operations in your restaurant and leverage the
unbeatable perks with Penguin.

Order in 5 Seconds

The Point-of-Sale system for restaurant lets you take orders in just 5 seconds.

Cloud Security

Runs regular data backup and recovery program to ensure efficient storage, access and maximum security.

Amazing User Interface

With easy-going yet stunning UI, the users can easily get acquainted with the system within minutes.

Quick Implementation

Helps you quickly get on to the new system by importing master data, reports, and previous transaction history.

Minimum IT Expertise

Requires minimum efforts in installation, keeps up-to-date, and streamline data backup.

Highly Scalable

The system can be implemented across a single restaurant, among multiple network devices, or a chain of restaurants.