Restaurant POS Software

Smart Billing Software + Advanced Inventory Software + Analytical Reports

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An All-inclusive Restaurant POS

We tender the finest and fully integrated POS system for your restaurant.

Explore 30+ features. Get the complete list.

Customer Privileges

Ensure smooth operations in your restaurant and leverage the
unbeatable perks with Penguin.

Order in 5 Seconds

The Point-of-Sale system for restaurant lets you take orders in just 5 seconds.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security

Runs regular data backup and recovery program to ensure efficient storage, access and maximum security.

User Interface
Amazing User Interface

With easy-going yet stunning UI, the users can easily get acquainted with the system within minutes.

Quick Implementation
Quick Implementation

Helps you quickly get on to the new system by importing master data, reports, and previous transaction history.

IT Expertise
Minimum IT Expertise

Requires minimum efforts in installation, keeps up-to-date, and streamline data backup.

Highly Scalable
Highly Scalable

The system can be implemented across a single restaurant, among multiple network devices, or a chain of restaurants.

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Min in Action

Watch how Penguin Mini, a fully-optimized Android POS for restaurant is evolving the concept of dining by automating the restaurant activities and improving customer service in an innovative way.

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Penguin App Max

Penguin Max (restaurant management software) automates the restaurant operations, improves customer service, and boosts customer retention.

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